Sunday, February 7, 2016

Skin Type

No makeup, just lipstick.

The Facts
Current Age: 28 years old

Skin Tone: Very fair

Environment: Humid

Sleep: Around 6 hours of sleep

Type: Oily and Sensitive

Concerns: Hormonal acne, sensitivity, sun damage, redness, spots and blemishes, large pores

I was never really the kind of girl who put a lot of thought into her beauty routine. According to my mom, she was very vain when she was young but stopped when she had kids. The only makeup I ever saw her wear was pressed powder. It was also the first product she got me as a teen. I grew up with boys and I preferred playing with my brother's toys than with my dolls. I didn't start wearing lipsticks up until I was 22 and I never really wore any other kind of makeup. I always thought they were complicated.

I'm a late bloomer so I never really had issues with acne growing up. But as soon as I started working, I would have one or two breakouts every month. It got a lot worse when I moved to Singapore back in 2010. I noticed that I would breakout a week or two before my period. And now that I am older, my skin does not heal as fast as the next breakout cycle. 

I only started taking care of my skin seriously when I was 25 after a very traumatic experience in a shop in Bugis.

I rarely wear sunscreen because I breakout from it all the time.

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